Solid Edge University

Save the Date for Solid Edge University 2015—our annual user meeting designed for both new and experienced Solid Edgers alike, to help you improve your productivity, expand your skills and help you stay ahead of your competition. Come and meet the Solid Edge development team, learn from the experts, and be among the first to harness the power of Solid Edge ST8.

The event is comprised of two solid days of basic and advanced Solid Edge curriculum, as well other specialty sessions, such as:

  • Developer Day is designed to help you learn how to customize Solid Edge and increase your productivity

  • Design Management Workshop covers the data management capabilities of Solid Edge SP

Over the course of two days more than 80 technical and hands-on training sessions will be delivered by some of the best and brightest of our Solid Edge team and expert users. All of which are designed to enable you to increase your Solid Edge product knowledge and improve your personal productivity.

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